Who will I work with?
Our lead advisors are all professionals who have received designations that indicate a commitment to technical excellence and ethical standards.  All advisory staff are required to pursue a designation as a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional.  You will be working primarily with a lead advisor and another associate who together function as your personal service team.
How frequently will we speak?
We will customize the work we do for you to fit your needs, and to keep your plan on track.  At a minimum we reach out to speak with you every quarter, and we are always available should an urgent matter arise. When necessary, we will speak and meet with you more frequently in order to help you implement your plan.
Can we meet closer to where I live?
On occasion we travel.  While web conferences are useful, we find there is nothing nicer than seeing our clients in person and solidifying the personal relationships we value.  When travel is not possible, technology allows us the ability connect for a conversation and for a plan review.  We will arrange to share our computer screen with you via web conference.
Do you have investment minimums?

The Foundry has no minimum initial investment balance.

How long will the process take?
Don’t expect us to create your plan in one meeting.  We want to get to know you before offering recommendations.  For some clients, we will be able to create an initial draft of your financial plan in two or three meetings.  More complex plans will require more work.  Either way, we are here to guide you, and to do the heavy lifting.

Once you have engaged us as your planner, we begin to dive deeper.  We want to get to know you well.  We need to have a thorough understanding of your goals and concerns.  We also need to understand your planning priorities.   We need to analyze your situation and investigate alternatives for your consideration

What if something happens to my advisor?
A core value of The Foundry is teamwork.  With multiple advisors of varying ages and a dedicated operational support team, you can rest well knowing that your advisor is not the only person at our company to whom you can turn.

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