Not even Coronavirus could stop Pie Day.  For the past four years, as a way to say thank you to our wonderful clients, we have hosted an open house on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Each client receives a fresh-baked pie from the Laconia Village Bakery.

To put it lightly, 2020 has been a little different.  For this year alone, we did away with the open house idea.  It’s so 2019.  Instead, we are delivering our pies via curbside pick-up.  Our clients will call when they arrive, and we, with masks on our faces, will deliver the pie to their cars.  As brief as it will be, we look forward to saying a quick hello to everyone.

As expected, many clients have scaled back on attending large family gatherings.  But still, man’s yearning for pie survives.  We are only 15 pies off of our order from 2019.  We have a total of 85 pies ordered.  Once again, blueberry (21) edged our apple (19) for the pie day favorite.  Key lime (14) staked its claim to Rookie of the Year honors.

We are delighted to keep this tradition alive, and we are incredibly grateful for the people we have the privilege to serve.  Yes, even in this year of masks and social distancing…pie finds a way.

A sleigh full of pies.

Yes, it actually is a “pie” chart.

Dan is keeping all of those pies in line.

Joel is a pie guy.

The source of pie.

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