As a financial planner I often help clients through important times of transition in their lives. I am now going through some exciting changes myself as I move from my former employer to the FoundryFinancial Group.

For the last 22 years, I have worked at a large investment firm that focused on retirement plans for non-profit institutions. Initially, I oversaw large employer retirement plans representing over five billion dollars in total assets. I enjoyed the work but it was hard to see meaningful or specific results for individual clients.

However, in 2007 I found my true calling. I made the transition to a Wealth Management Advisor where I could work with individuals and families on their personal finances. Over that time, I helped hundreds of professors, doctors, researchers, and others in the academic world with their families’ financial planning. My primary focus was working with clients in New Hampshire and the North Shore of Massachusetts who were nearing retirement or in retirement.

As a Wealth Management Advisor, I’ve been able to combine the skills of my work experience with my educational background. My journalism training gave me the skills to get a deep understanding of the client’s situation. My MBA provided me the analytical and decision-making skills that are so vital when creating and implementing financial plans. As a CFP I have been dedicated to continually increasing my knowledge around financial planning topics.

While I knew I wanted to make a change, there were key attributes that were non-negotiable. Fortunately; the Foundry Financial Group has all of the characteristics that I was looking for.

Here are four of the most important considerations:

1. Serving clients as their fiduciary

  • The best interest of the client is what drives everything at the firm.
  • Fees are clear and transparent.
  • No commissions or revenue sharing ever.
2. A firm that is independent
  • Business decisions are made by client-facing employees who understand the unique needs and preferences of their clients
  • The firm can partner with outside investment, tax, legal, and financial planning experts, to get their unique expertise and perspectives
  • There are no proprietary investments or products. Financial planning strategies are created solely to meet our client’s goals.
3. The agility of a smaller firm with the strength of a larger firm
  • Foundry has been in business since 2001 and has been partnering with Cambridge Investment Research since 2001
  • Advisors work with a small group of clients so they can devote the appropriate amount of time for each families’ financial planning
  • A team of like-minded advisors means there is continuity for the clients’ financial plans should something happen to me
  • New technology such as unique financial planning tools can be more easily adopted
4. Having a local presence
  • Being able to meet in person if that is your preference especially during the introductory meetings
  • Being a part of the community
  • Complementing local planning with online resources
For these reasons and more I felt the Foundry Financial Group was the right fit for me. If you would like to learn more please contact me at

Kevin Flaherty

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